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Our real estate private equity initiatives are funded by Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourgian insurance companies, pension funds, investment companies, family offices, as well as private individuals. This stable group of reputable investors has deep insight and extensive expertise with all areas which are key to the success of our investment schemes, being retail, real estate investments, finance, private equity, construction, and sustainability.

  • Investors

You invest with Pertinea because we focus on:

  • two stable and developed markets, being Belgium and the Netherlands;
  • diversification through:
    • 2 strategies, 2 property sectors, 2 countries;
    • +20 locations;
    • +150 shops and leisure units;
    • +150 residential units under development;
  • disruption-proof and crisis-resilient property niche investment strategies;
    • All retail assets include - or are adjacent to – at least one supermarket;
    • Affordable quality homes;
  • proprietary deal flow combined with highly selective asset picking;
  • alignment of interests; and
  • sustainability.

All this underpins our strong track record of above average returns that are consistently achieved through diligent and disciplined risk management.


"Our focus is on Belgian and Dutch investments in retail property that meet the daily needs of consumers as well as on development schemes offering affordable quality homes."
Let’s partner

A partnership-centric strategy

Working with partners at every level of our activities means that Pertinea is always able to draw on insight and expertise. Therefore, we are able to respond optimally to the wishes of those we serve. Our partners are those who invest with us, those who develop or manage the properties we invest in, and the end users benefiting every day of the use of these assets. A strong partnership-driven platform implicates higher returns and at the same time better risk management.

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