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Over the past years, the residential property segment has been impacted by a number of significant evolutions. Average household size declined. Sustainability became a need to have. People spend a more substantial part of their disposable income on leisure and increasingly seek flexibility. The cost of lending first dropped considerably causing house prices to surge. Pursuantly the cost of financing increased vastly while house prices remained relatively stable. All this provoked a boost in demand for both smaller housing units and rental apartments. read more
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Our approach

You partner with Pertinea because you want to:

  • realize strong, profitable and sustainable growth;
  • generate (more) stable income;
  • mitigate risk by increasing the number of simultaneously realized development schemes;
  • gain access to additional sources of financing – both at the developing company and its development schemes; and
  • rely on additional insight and expertise from Pertinea and its partners.
"This allows our development partners to optimally realize the next step in their growth and at the same time better manage risk."
Let’s partner

Successful development partnerships

Ready to optimally realize the next step in your growth and at the same time better manage risk? Get in touch with us!

  • We are always looking for partners

    We are looking forward to partner with you and provide the appropriate funding as well as additional insight and expertise – both at the level of the developing company and its development schemes. Take a look at Veraltis, the first result of such successful partnership between Pertinea and a specialist residential developer.

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