Gerkenspark, nominee for the Excellence Awards 2023!

Gerkenspark, nominee for the Excellence Awards 2023!

On October 12th the Belgian Luxembourg Council of Retail and Shopping Centers (BLSC) hosted the Excellence Awards 2023.

Gerkenspark, nominee for the Excellence Awards 2023!

We are very proud to announce that one of our latest purchases, Gerkenspark was one of the only four nominees!

Gerkenpark Bree is one of our latest acquisitions, it's a modern style retail park underpinned by its considerable distance from major cities and highways. A particularly accessible venue, which is only a stroll or bike ride from Bree's city center, while ample parking awaits those arriving by car.

With sustainability at its core, Gerkenspark maximizes edge-of-town land use efficiency through innovative design intertwining shopping and housing. It reflects a commitment to a sustainable future; your future.

List of the nominees, winners, photo's and video with all the nominees can be found on the website of BLSC.




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